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A weekly reality check on sensible investing and financial decision-making for Canadians. Hosted by Benjamin Felix and Cameron Passmore.

Dec 23, 2021

We have reached the end of another year, our third while doing this podcast. We are spending this episode on our customary year-end review, and we will be pulling segments from some of the great interviews we hosted over the course of 2021. In doing so, we hope to create a bit of summary of the year and the biggest lessons we all learned together. The podcast has continued to grow beyond our wildest expectations and we are so grateful to be on this journey with our ever-increasing community and audience. We touch on many themes in this recap, moving from general ideas about life, goals, happiness, abundance, and purpose, to more financial subjects of money values, retirement, and crypto, and then into the deeper technical aspects of investment such as value premiums, factors, bonds, and much more. We have tried our best to focus on the segments that we found most enlightening and that changed our perspective, and have highlighted them with reflections and commentary. So to hear it all, join us today, and we'll see you next year, for more of the Rational Reminder Podcast.


Key Points From This Episode:


  • Looking at some of the amazing numbers around the growth of our community. [0:02:37.2]
  • A few shoutouts to the wonderful people who make this podcast possible. [0:04:27.8]
  • Bill Schultheis on how to find and fund a good life. [0:08:34.5]
  • Hal Hershfield's thoughts on making better decisions with your future wellbeing in mind. [0:10:44.3]
  • Ashley Whillans on the relationship between time-poverty and wellbeing, and increased leisure time. [0:13:39.7]
  • Jennifer Risher weighs in on the importance of performing meaningful work. [0:17:24.5]
  • Robin Taub's family money value's from her book, The Wisest Investment: [0:20:04.1]
  • Jennifer Risher's approach to managing money values at home. [0:22:27.7]
  • Katy Milkman applies the central idea from How to Change to saving money. [0:23:22.7]
  • Johanna Peetz on how to use the idea of a future self to reach a goal. [0:26:38.6]
  • Paul Merriman shares his experiences of the relationship between money and a good life. [0:28:27.7]
  • Adriana Robertson's legal perspective on the rise of index funds. [0:33:48.4]
  • Jay Ritter on the question of market efficiency. [0:36:41.8]
  • Hersh Shefrin's emphatic and nuanced advice about how to act in relation to the market. [0:38:20.3]
  • John Cochrane on the shifting relative value of stocks. [0:39:43.3]
  • Rob Arnott shares his thoughts on the drawbacks of cap-weighted indexing. [0:42:31.5]
  • Antonio Picca on the drawbacks of a factor-based investment strategy. [0:47:01.6]
  • John Cochrane on making decisions around owning value stocks. [0:48:10.7]
  • Campbell Harvey talks about conditions for concentrated portfolios. [0:52:20.2]
  • Bill Schultheis on tilting for factors versus sticking with market cap indices. [0:54:02.6]
  • Adriana Robertson shares what the research tells us about the basis for investment decisions. [0:54:46.1]
  • Hersh Shefrin on what really matters with regards to portfolio construction. [0:57:33.0]
  • Antonio Picca on more active approaches and capturing premiums through rebalancing. [0:41:26.0]
  • Brad Cornell explains the differences between a factor and a characteristic. [1:01:52.2]
  • Rob Arnott, David Booth, and Antonio Picca weigh in on the question of value stocks at present. [1:04:22.6]
  • Robert Novy-Marx's approach to cheap stocks and high profitability. [1:11:54.1]
  • Dave Plecha on owning bonds today, in light of historically low interest rates. [1:15:12.0]
  • Anna Lembke on how our daily and long-term decisions are influenced by dopamine. [1:18:20.0]
  • Cullen Roche shares his thoughts on the future of market inflation. [1:22:57.2]
  • Don Ezra's lessons for retirement and better preparation. [1:24:57.6]
  • Anna Lembke on the results of increases in leisure time. [1:27:37.1]
  • David Blanchett's thoughts on the evolving role of the financial advisor. [1:30:50.0]
  • Don Ezra 'seven asset classes of life's abundance portfolio'. [1:33:42.9]