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A weekly reality check on sensible investing and financial decision-making for Canadians. Hosted by Benjamin Felix and Cameron Passmore.

Aug 25, 2022

We start the show with a brief highlight of recent episodes, upcoming guests, and feedback we have received about the show. We then review the book Running Remote, which provides evidence for the benefits of working remotely and asynchronous management. We also outline the three essential principles of an asynchronous mindset. We discuss the positives and benefits of remote work, why hybrid work is a flawed approach, and how to recreate face-to-face meetings in a remote world. We also give listeners a breakdown of an interesting journal article about inferring stock duration and equity trades, including key takeaways from the papers. We then welcome our special guest, Harley Finkelstein, to talk about the role that reading plays in his life. Harley is a lawyer, entrepreneur, and the President of Shopify and uses what he reads to push him further in his professional life. In our conversation, we learn the role reading has played in Shopify’s culture, what his favourite books are, and inner details about his reading habit. Tune in for another jam-packed episode!


Key Points From This Episode:


  • We start the show with a recap of previous episodes and upcoming guests. [0:00:00]
  • A brief highlight of some of the reviews we have received about the show. [0:03:41]
  • An update on the Rational Reminder 22 and 22 reading challenge. [0:06:35]
  • This week’s review of the book, Running Remote. [0:09:24]
  • The three fundamental principles of the asynchronous mindset. [0:16:58]
  • Hear what the seven deadly sins are regarding remote team transitions. [0:24:35]
  • Cameron shares a compelling paragraph from the book, Running Remote. [0:28:04]
  • Learn a mind-blowing statistic Cameron read in a Bloomberg article. [0:32:31]
  • Ben breaks down a journal article about inferring stock duration. [0:33:47]
  • Another interesting paper regarding the retail price of equity trades. [0:44:10]
  • Introduction to our guest Harley Finkelstein to talk about our 22 and 22 challenge. [0:47:20]
  • Harley shares details about his reading habit. [0:47:50]
  • How he incorporates what he has learned from reading into his professional life. [0:49:57]
  • Ways in which Harley finds interesting books to read. [0:51:58]
  • The role reading has played in Shopify’s culture and work ethic. [0:53:57]
  • What books have had the biggest impact on him. [0:58:12]
  • Find out whether his daughters have embraced his love for books. [1:02:29]
  • Advice that Harley has for people who want to read more. [1:04:32]