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A weekly reality check on sensible investing and financial decision-making for Canadians. Hosted by Benjamin Felix and Cameron Passmore.

Dec 7, 2023

In this episode, we delve deep into the world of wealth management and family advisory services and explore the evolving landscape of financial wealth planning. Dr. James Grubman, a renowned expert in family wealth psychology and author of Strangers in Paradise and Wealth 3.0, shares his profound insights and expertise on this critical subject. Dr. Grubman is a distinguished figure in family wealth and well-being and has made a mark with his profound understanding and enduring contributions to the field. In our conversation, we unpack the wealth management landscape through a psychological lens. We discuss the definition of wealth, the complex family dynamics and hurdles faced when adapting to elevated levels of wealth, and the essential role parents play in imparting financial responsibility to their children. We also explore the fundamentals when embracing the cultural norms associated with affluence, the psychological and practical ramifications of avoiding or overcompensating for wealth, the changing landscape of family wealth management, and much more. Listeners will also gain a comprehensive understanding of the evolution of wealth management, from traditional approaches to the transformative Wealth 3.0, along with insights on nurturing strong family relationships in the context of affluence. Dr. Grubman's wealth of knowledge and engaging storytelling make this episode a must-listen for those interested in the future of wealth management. Tune in now!


Key Points From This Episode:


  • Dr. Grubman’s definition of wealth and why wealth is relative. (0:04:06)
  • How common is becoming wealthy compared to being born wealthy. (0:07:12)
  • Family dynamics and challenges when adapting to higher levels of wealth. (0:11:01)
  • Why modelling healthy personal financial management is vital for children. (0:16:00)
  • Discover how the origins of wealth influence the ability to psychologically adapt. (0:20:34)
  • Essential considerations when adopting the culture of wealth. (0:23:00)
  • Possible reasons why someone may avoid adopting the culture of Wealth 3.0. (0:27:48)
  • The implications of avoiding and overcompensating for the culture of wealth. (0:30:03)
  • Explore what contributes to the successful integration into the culture of wealth. (0:35:23)
  • Common barriers that prevent learning and adapting to higher levels of wealth. (0:37:10)
  • Aspects parents should consider when preparing their children for wealth. (0:40:30)
  • His perspective on professional advisors in managing family wealth. (0:46:36)
  • Unpacking the evolution of the wealth management landscape. (0:48:37)
  • He explains why the negative psychological implications of wealth have persisted. (0:53:48)
  • Insights into the definition and concept of Wealth 3.0. (0:55:47)
  • New skills advisors need to develop to be successful in the Wealth 3.0 generation. (1:00:20)
  • Advice for finding financial advisors that are Wealth 3.0 savvy. (1:02:22)
  • What Dr. Grubman is excited about in the emerging Wealth 3.0 era. (1:09:16)
  • Dr Grubman shares his definition of success. (1:12:10)


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