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A weekly reality check on sensible investing and financial decision-making for Canadians. Hosted by Benjamin Felix and Cameron Passmore.

Jul 28, 2022

Welcome to another episode of the Rational Reminder Podcast! We start by reviewing The Fearless Organization, and learn some important concepts such as psychological safety in the workplace, allowing people to voice their concerns, and the value of continuously learning. We also discuss a paper on index investing followed by a quick discussion on gender equality in finance.  We then take a deep dive into today’s main topic, ‘Stocks for the Long Run…?’, by unpacking research to see if stocks are still a valuable long-term investment. Finally, we end the show with a conversation about our 22 and 22 book challenge with Mark Sutcliffe, and find out about his reading habits and the books that have had the biggest impact on him.


Key Points From This Episode:


  • An update about the podcast and feedback received about the crypto series. [0:03:55]
  • A rundown of the guests we have planned for future episodes. [0:07:43]
  • Outline of the ‘mixed-bag’ reviews received about the show. [0:08:28]
  • News and updates regarding the Rational Reminder reading challenge. [0:13:07]
  • This week’s book review of The Fearless Organization by Amy C. Edmondson. [0:14:45]
  • We talk about an interesting paper ‘On Index Investing’ [0:24:42]
  • Follow-up on and discussion concerning gender equality in finance from previous episodes. [0:28:34]
  • We dig into today’s main topic, ‘Stocks for the Long Run.’ [0:33:38]
  • Issues surrounding using Stocks for the Long Run data to draw insights. [0:35:22]
  • What has been achieved to solve issues regarding a lack of data on stock returns. [0:41:45]
  • An important insight from research on the value of stocks and bonds in the long term. [0:47:17]
  • A breakdown of some interesting findings from the paper, ‘Global factor premiums’. [0:48:00]
  • Overview of the research discussed and whether stocks are still valuable long-term investments. [0:53:54]
  • The Rational Reminder 22 and 22 book challenge conversation with Mark Sutcliffe. [0:55:09]
  • What Mark has discovered about the world of social media while working remotely. [0:56:58]
  • Mark shares details about his reading habit and his favourite books growing up. [0:57:53]
  • Whether he has a favourite genre of book. [01:00:11]
  • How Mark sources books to read and how he captures interesting information. [01:00:44]
  • The books that Mark commonly recommends to family and friends. [01:03:05]
  • Find out if Mark thinks being an author changes how you read books. [01:05:12]
  • Advice that he has for people who want to read more. [01:06:33]