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A weekly reality check on sensible investing and financial decision-making for Canadians. Hosted by Benjamin Felix and Cameron Passmore.

Feb 10, 2022

Identifying investment goals is a critical step in developing a sound financial plan that helps investors reach their objectives. Studies have shown that using a goals-based framework in financial planning can lead to an increase in wealth for investors and has the potential to strengthen planner-client relationships; but what goals should you be setting? And why is it often so difficult to make these kinds of decisions? In today’s episode, Benjamin dives into some of the research he is conducting about goals-based financial planning for the paper he is writing on the topic, and we discuss why defining and prioritizing goals in the financial planning process is so important (and why it can be so challenging), as well as some practical guidelines to help you set effective goals. Additionally, you’ll learn all about our 22 in 22 Reading Challenge, which we officially launch today with the help of Heather Reisman, book lover, entrepreneur, and CEO of Indigo, Canada’s largest books, gift, and toy retailer. Heather is also the co-creator of the Kobo reading device, a former governor of the Toronto Stock Exchange, and the co-executive producer of the documentary, Fed Up. As you know, the objective of this podcast is to help improve listener’s lives by communicating ideas about sensible investing and financial decision making; and reading is a big part of that. Make sure to tune in to find out where to sign up for the challenge, take note of our book recommendations, and more!


Key Points From This Episode:


  • Learn more about the 22 in 22 Reading Challenge and where to sign up for it. [0:00:35]
  • Introducing today’s special guest, Indigo CEO, Heather Reisman. [0:03:55]
  • Some of the exciting guests you can expect to hear from on the show in future. [0:06:38]
  • Our watchlist recommendations for you, including Ray Donovan: The Movie. [0:08:43]
  • Cameron’s book recommendation: The Culture Code by Daniel Coyle. [0:10:05]
  • Benjamin shares his views on Facebook's one-day $232 billion drop in value. [0:17:16]
  • Why a great company is not necessarily a great investment. [0:22:32]
  • Reflecting on the Talking Cents cards we did with Andrew Hallam in Episode 186. [0:23:45]
  • Onto today’s main topics: how to make sound, goals-based financial decisions. [0:27:20]
  • Why defining and prioritizing goals in the financial planning process is important. [0:30:33]
  • Find out what goals you should set and why it’s difficult to make those decisions. [0:31:19]
  • Practical guidelines to help you set goals from Bond, Carlson, and Keeney in 2010. [0:33:47]
  • Hear some of the goals from the master list that Morningstar put together. [0:36:15]
  • Learn what an effective goal looks like according to Ayelet Fishbach. [0:37:21]
  • Whether you should use approach goals or avoidance goals. [0:39:42]
  • How you can turn your goals into action by creating challenging, measurable, actionable, and self-set targets that don’t feel like chores. [0:42:51]
  • Creating more intrinsic motivation when setting long-term financial planning goals. [0:45:58]
  • Why pursuing goals is more about the journey than it is about actually achieving it. [0:47:08]
  • How top level abstract goals are served by multifinal, equifinal, and unifinal means. [0:48:48]
  • Resolving goal conflicts by prioritizing some goals over others or compromising. [0:50:11]
  • Kicking off the 22 in 22 Reading Challenge with special guest, Heather Reisman. [0:53:12]
  • Why Heather believes reading is so important, starting with the pure joy it brings. [0:53:44]
  • How she decides what to read, whether it’s via recommendations or based on her specific interests at the time. [0:55:59]
  • What her daily reading habits look like that enable her to read 75 books a year. [0:53:30]
  • How reading helps with some mental health issues that stem from social media. [1:01:25]
  • Why she advocates for long-form reading, regardless of whether or not it’s digital. [1:03:38]
  • Learn about the origins and the mission of the Indigo Love of Reading Foundation. [1:05:50]
  • How a community like 22 in 22 might help someone who wants to read more. [1:10:25]
  • Heather’s parting words of advice for listeners: be deliberate about your habits! [1:12:37]