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A weekly reality check on sensible investing and financial decision-making for Canadians. Hosted by Benjamin Felix and Cameron Passmore.

May 9, 2019

Today on the show we are joined by Dr. Moira Somers, author of the book Advice That Sticks and expert on neuroscience, advising and leadership. Dr. Somers does a great job of unpacking all the different parts of her job and career and a multitude of topics from the financial advice field. She explains what it means to be a wealth psychologist and who makes up the bulk of her clientele.

We then discuss the value of good, reliable financial advice and why most people seek it out and when. Dr. Somers tells us about the critical junctures that often lead people to find a new advisor and financial points of interest for people entering into a new relationship. We get into the value of face to face advice, trust and commitment between clients and advisors and why it is necessary to build a team of advisors with different areas of expertise and practice.

We end off the episode with Dr. Somers offering some great advice about newly acquired wealth, better practices for every day and the three things we should always be considering. For all this and so much more, be sure to tune in today!


Key Points From This Episode:

  • What is a wealth psychologist? [0:01:42.4]
  • How Dr. Somers got into the her current work and position. [0:02:35.8]
  • Using Dr. Somers' book as an advisor and as a consumer. [0:04:25.5]
  • The importance of a good financial advisor's perspective. [0:05:06.2]
  • What are the factors that drive people to seek out financial advice. [0:06:38.5]
  • Marriage, debt, finances and decisions. [0:08:49.6]
  • Choosing the right advisor for your own needs and not just your own feelings. [0:11:30.2]
  • Why so many advisors are fired in times of transition. [0:13:06.5]
  • The value of face to face advice. [0:15:10.5]
  • How to build a strong, trusting relationship with a client. [0:18:56.8]
  • The level of selectiveness needed when choosing an advisor. [0:21:42.6]
  • The benefits of building a diverse team of advisors. [0:23:53.1]
  • Skills that are vital in advising on newly acquired wealth. [0:26:06.4]
  • Smart lifestyle choices to improve your financial future. [0:28:55.7]
  • The central trifecta of time, energy and money. [0:32:39.3]
  • And much more!