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A weekly reality check on sensible investing and financial decision-making for Canadians. Hosted by Benjamin Felix and Cameron Passmore.

May 5, 2022

As we near the 200th episode of our little podcast, we wanted to have a chat with our friend Aydin Mirzaee about one of our favourite topics: books. Before welcoming Aydin into the conversation we round up some important news, go deeper than ever into the fascinating subject of bonds, and share some thoughts on Setting the Table. As the host of the Supermanagers Podcast and the CEO of Fellow, Aydin has an unusual and stimulating perspective on many of our usual interests, and we get to hear from him about the development of his own reading habit, what he most enjoys reading, what would make him recommend a book to someone else, and few pieces of advice for strengthening your reading practices. Aydin also talks about why advice can be dangerous, increasing your ability to retain information, and he is generous enough to do a round of Talking Sense cards with us to finish off the episode. To hear it all, make sure to join us.  

Key Points From This Episode:


  • Today's book review, looking at Setting the Table by Danny Meyers. [0:08:47]
  • Christopher Bloomstran's thought-provoking critique of Ark Invest. [0:18:06]
  • A follow-up on our ongoing discussion about bonds and look at their recovery time. [0:20:04]
  • Comparing real returns across the different decades. [0:27:30]
  • Research into a more complete view of the historical returns of stocks versus bonds. [0:39:31]
  • How correlations come into the conversation about stocks and bonds. [0:42:54]
  • Aydin describes his reading habits; audiobooks on a commute, hacks, and more.
  • The different purposes of books and how Aydin uses business content to generate ideas. [0:49:40]
  • Books as leverage and some thoughts from Aydin on his favourite genres. [0:52:27]
  • Where Aydin sources his books and what it takes for him to decide to recommend books to others. [0:56:12]
  • The role that podcasts play in Aydin's reading habits. [0:58:30]
  • Aydin's advice for how to read more and his approach to encouraging his children. [0:59:12]
  • Considering different ways to increase information retention. [1:02:11]
  • A round of Talking Cents cards with Aydin! [1:03:34]