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A weekly reality check on sensible investing and financial decision-making for Canadians. Hosted by Benjamin Felix and Cameron Passmore.

Jan 26, 2023

Identifying your personal values is the foundation for making future decisions. In this episode, we discuss the profound ways in which personal values impact financial decision-making and share concrete steps to identify both your strategic and means objectives. Ben candidly shares his own objectives and expands on the other considerations involved in making major decisions. We then jump to the less abstract topic of 2022 returns, providing a thorough overview of the tilts and their consequences, followed by a brief summary of an early episode with Shane Parrish. In the latter half of this episode, we are joined by Zoobean co-founder and CEO Felix Lloyd to talk about Beanstack, the tech platform for reading, and Readwise co-founder Daniel Doyon. We also tackle the slightly left-field topic of marketing from a behavioural science standpoint through the lens of Nancy Harhut’s tellingly-titled book, Using Behavioral Science in Marketing. Tune in for upcoming developments in the Rational Reminder community, and to discover how to make financial decisions that align with who you are and who you want to become!


Key Points From This Episode:


  • How personal values impact financial decision-making. (0:00:25)
  • How to identify your life’s values and objectives. (0:07:21)
  • The significance of means objectives and strategic objectives, and how to identify them. (0:16:25)
  • Ben’s strategic life objectives and means objectives. (0:18:27)
  • Other considerations when making major decisions. (0:19:14)
  • An overview of 2022 returns. (0:22:43)
  • A summary of episode 19 with Shane Parrish. (0:28:59)
  • A brief interview with Zoobean co-founder and CEO Felix Lloyd to talk about Beanstack, the tech platform for reading. (0:31:15)
  • Cameron’s review of Using Behavioral Science in Marketing by Nancy Harhut. (0:43:09)
  • What sells (from a behavioural science standpoint). (0:47:15)
  • A brief interview with Readwise co-founder Daniel Doyon. (0:52:52)
  • Summaries of recent Freakonomics, 10% Happier, and Capital Allocators (1:04:05)
  • Developments in the Rational Reminder community. (1:05:30)
  • Upcoming podcast guests and recent podcast reviews. (1:10:25)



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