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A weekly reality check on sensible investing and financial decision-making for Canadians. Hosted by Benjamin Felix and Cameron Passmore.

Oct 21, 2021

Today we welcome Rob Carrick back to the show to talk about a range of interesting topics, focusing on the Canadian housing market and some of the recent developments from the banking and investment space. Rob has such a balanced and measured approach, qualities that are visible in his long-standing work at The Globe and Mail. We start today's episode with some fun recommendations of books and TV content, before diving into the meat of our conversation. Rob weighs in on the range of perspectives on whether to rent or buy, offering the assurance that renting is a completely acceptable way to manage your needs and means. He also comments on the utility of robo-advisors, the impacts of the recent banking regulations, and shares his surprise at which of his articles have proved most popular. We always feel like we should have Rob on the show more often, and this episode is such a good argument for that very idea. So, to hear all Rob has to say, be sure to join us today.


Key Points From This Episode:

  • This week's book and TV recommendations; Impeachment, Capital, Trillions, and more. [0:00:39.2]
  • A call for applicants here at PWL Capital, and some recent reviews for the show. [0:07:17.7]
  • Looking at an excerpt from Azeem Azhar's book, The Exponential Age. [0:11:45.4]
  • A recent study comparing renting and buying in Canada. [0:18:18.6]
  • Rob's observations on the new banking rules in Canada and what they mean for the advisor community. [0:29:27.2]
  • Thoughts on trends in the banking space and the roles of financial professionals. [0:36:07.1]
  • Canada's adoption of indexing: measuring the speed of changes in the country. [0:38:38.7]
  • The role of robo-advisors and why Rob believes strongly in their value. [0:41:48.5]
  • Rob weighs in on the debate of buying versus renting property. [0:44:39.6]
  • Generational flows of money from boomer parents to millennial and Gen Y children. [0:50:52.3]
  • Rob's message to Canadians feeling like they are stuck renting. [0:54:24.1]
  • Some of Rob's most popular articles from over the years. [0:55:20.7]
  • Lessons from Sweden's housing market and considering Canada's possible future. [0:59:03.6]
  • A round of Talking Sense cards with Rob dealing with most prized possessions, lending, and happiness. [1:02:26.3]
  • Assessing some of Robert Kyosaki's recent comments on a looming crash. [1:08:29.1]
  • The present is exciting in finance; why Rob is enjoying the ride. [1:14:22.5]